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Staying Strong: Navigating the Challenges of Weight Loss

Ladies, I want to share some encouragement with you today. Many of us have been where you are—feeling down, frustrated, and on the verge of giving up. John recently reminded me of a particularly tough time during my own weight loss journey, and I believe sharing my story might just give you the boost you need.

When I was in what John calls the “mind game” phase, I was at my lowest. This is the third phase of my weight loss journey, a challenging stage where progress seems to stall, and old habits tempt us back. It’s a tough phase, but getting through it is incredibly rewarding.

Each person’s journey is unique, with different expectations and goals. Feeling disheartened at this stage is normal. You’re tired of dieting, tired of meal prep, and tired of not seeing results. I get it—I’ve been there. I’ve tried every diet under the sun and struggled with my weight since I was 15. When I first started, I doubted the plan, thinking it would make me gain weight. I had to shift my entire mindset about food. The initial progress was thrilling, but hitting a plateau during the third phase was devastating.

During this time, I started slipping. I indulged in small treats, skipped meals, and had bouts of binge eating. John reminded me that this struggle is typical of the third phase—our bodies resist change. He encouraged me to push through and keep a food diary. I cleaned up my diet, but for six long weeks, nothing changed. I felt defeated.

However, I realized I had to stay true to myself. I read a quote that resonated deeply: “It took you nearly more than 80% of your whole life on earth to get your body in that shape that it is in now, there is no magic wand that you can use that will help you lose it in 3 months.” This helped me commit to my goals, no matter how long it took.

Every morning, I set daily goals. If someone offered me cake at work, I reminded myself that I was just two inches away from my goal and declined politely. I kept my commitment and gradually, it became second nature. It was like fighting a craving, but I stayed focused on my dream.

I faced mockery and temptation from others, but I stayed strong. I kept snacks like biltong or protein-rich foods at hand and reminded myself of my goals. Over 18 months, I lost 17kg and reached my first milestone. Now, in the fourth phase, I don’t count proteins but eat when hungry and treat myself occasionally. My tastes have changed, and I no longer crave oily foods.

My journey was long, and I faced many obstacles, but staying truthful to myself was key. Set realistic goals, stay committed, and remember that this journey is for you and you alone. There are no quick fixes or magic pills—just your choices and your perseverance.

Phase three is tough, but once you cross that bridge to the fourth phase, you’ll never look back. Keep eating clean, set your goals, and stay honest with yourself. Your dream is within reach.

I hope my story motivates you and helps you stay on track. Feel free to reach out whenever you need a bit of encouragement.

Stay strong, stay committed, and remember—this is your journey.

Your Friend in Health and Fitness Pat Hamlett


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