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John E. Hamlett - The Founder and Designer of John's New Lifestyle

John E. Hamlett - The Founder and Designer of John's New Lifestyle


Chairman of the HOT running as  Athletics Club Elite Athletes, 

John E Hamlett is a seasoned professional athlete, having completed more than 70 marathons and has for the past 35 years used his professional experience to coach athletes to improve their performance. His personal successes include completing the 800m sprint in 1 minute 48 seconds and having won the prestigious “Jock of the Bushveld” challenge, besting the record with 7 minutes as well as winning the East London based, Buffalo Marathon. His personal best performance was completing a marathon in Botswana (1983) within 2 hours 18 minutes, solidifying his dominance as a serious contender.


John’s athletic career started at the age of 15 and due to his successes naturally progressed to him becoming an expert coach, teacher and sports nutritionist. He is also a qualified Gym, Aerobics, Swimming instructor and Tri-Athlon coach. He is also certified in Sports Nutrition and Fitness, providing a sound base for holistic lifestyle-based training and coaching which has become his primary focus in preparing athletes. 


This approach had been particularly effective in eliminating the Russian dominance over the Comrades Marathon in 2001, where John played a significant role in preparing Andrew Kelehe for his victory. Before, Andrew had competed in the Two Oceans Marathon for many years and finished second and top 10 several times but was unable to win the challenge.


During the past three decades, John has been instrumental in coaching athletes whom have competed and earned 60 Comrades gold medals, earned several silver medals and progressed to completing personal best times in ultra-distance marathons, whilst maintaining dominance in first and second places for overall team performance in the Comrades Marathon.


Being recognized as a Coach-of-Coaches is supported by the achievement of athletes being coached by his and their successes include amongst others:


  • 2013:      David Gatebe won the Two Oceans Marathon


  • 2015:      Gift Kelehe won the 90th Comrades Marathon


  • 2016:      David Gatebe won the Comrades Marathon, breaking the longstanding Russian record (since 2007) by 4 minutes


  • 2016:      South African team represented by amongst others, Gift Kelehe, David Gatebe and Bongmusa Mtembu, won the 100km World                               Championships in Spain – Bongamusa finished second overall


  • 2018:      Ann Ashworth won Comrades Marathon 2018, whilst Gordon Lesetedi got his first gold medal (6th position), David Gatebe (8th                               position) and Gift Kelehe (9th position) and Prodigal Kumalo (11th position)

  • 2019:      Ann Ashworth got her 2nd gold medal in Comrades Marathon 2019, Gordon Lesetedi got his 2nd gold medal (9th position) and Siya                     Mqambeli got his 1st gold medal (10th position)


As chairperson and coach of HOT Running as Athletics Club, John is preparing the Elite team for the prestigious Two Oceans and Comrades Marathons in 2020 and aims to break the existing record, whilst attempting for the entire team to complete in the Top-10 and winning the coveted Overall Team Prize.


John remains committed to the support of athletes under his guidance and aims to provide them with competitive advantage and support through his holistic lifestyle coaching methods to unlock and improve on their potential and encourage performance excellence.


John Hamlett, a well-known Ultra distance coach, offers online training programmes for those interested in running their first Half Marathon, Marathon or Ultra Distance Marathon.

John's coaching provides a programme to increase or enhance your running fitness level, while minimizing the chances of incurring injuries.


John coaches’ long-distance athletes but can also assist those wanting to start with 5km and 10km runs.



John’ other passion is to help obese, thin and ordinary people to lose, gain weight or live a healthy lifestyle.  His company Nutrition, Energy & Weight Management has changed thousands of people’s lives. He has got a range of products which is specifically engineered for ultimate healthy living.

John Hamlett

Fitness & Nutritionist Specialist

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