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My name is Louis Snygans, Former Elite cyclist. My wife is my inspiration to do the ultimate human race of all. My wife had 3 miss carriages with a child during pregnancy and having 2 a operation for a tumour in her jaw was a tough time for her and myself. She had ever more devastating news when the tumour were said to be severe and a big operation were required.

This lead to severe depression and gaining of weight. My wife were 69kg and is 1.51 m tall. They were to operate in her face that would leave scars and bone from the hip needed to be removed with a some of teeth.   

We did pray and promised that if she could be healed we will stay healthy and do the comrades together. After allot of people prayed for my wife and myself we believed she would be healed completely. During the operation the doctors were stunned to find that the tumour was gone and no operation had to continue as planned.


This was a miracle and we had to keep our deal of the promise. We came in touch with the most wonderful person in the world Coach John Hamlett.

The coach of few comrades champions. He started helping both of us to prepare for a healthy lifestyle and getting fit for the comrades.


It was hard times but with all his support and his wife Pat we managed to pull through with ease in the program. My wife lost 16Kg in 7 months and did 2 marathons with her best time of 4:22:21. Myself Lost 15Kg in 7 months and did 2 marathons with best time 3:04:34. We are looking forward to the comrades 2017 and to do this for all the people out there that thinks it is too late.


It is never too late if you believe in yourself and have people that believe in you like Coach John Hamlett. We will be doing this in honour of the lords blessing in our lives and for all the people out there that don’t have the ability to run.Each step of the way will motivate us to encourage other to do this amazing race.


Louis & Carmen Snygans



Since starting with supplementing with John Hamlett's high-quality protein, I have found that my strength in running has increased noticeably. Most especially when it comes to hill running, I feel much stronger and more able to remain stronger towards the end of long runs. Adding protein into my pre-long run breakfast has made a big difference in not only the run but also in reducing muscle break down. Between the high-quality protein and the NEW Glutamine, I have come through my biggest block of training injury free with a great recovery turn over. Being able to stay and finish strong has helped me get a PB in the marathon (2:51) and 56km (3:58). 

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I started John’s New Lifestyle journey in December 2017. In just 9 months it completely changed my life forever. I went from as soft as butter to as tough as nails. Not only was I running faster, but I was also achieving a lot more at work as I had high energy levels, combined with a new drive inside me for success. John Hamlett had completely transformed my life and I was enjoying every minute of this New Lifestyle.


In September 2018 John invited me to his team and he started coaching me. Another 9 months later, I arrived at the Dullstroom Training Camp a completely different athlete. In just 18 months John had helped me reach ‘next level’. The crazy part is that I am only getting started! I still have a long way to go, but that is all part of the plan. Under Coach Hamlett nothing is impossible, all you have to do is believe AND LISTEN!


Achievement in 2018


Durban Ultra: March 2018

Time: 04:20

I podiumed in 3rd position.


Ironman 70.3 Durban & Comrades Marathon: June 2018

My goal was to qualify for the Ironman 70.3 World Champs which was taking place later on in the year. John knew my goals and he knew that the qualifying race was the weekend before  the Comrades Marathon. He told me that I could race both events if I got my nutrition spot on, as my body would then be able to recover in time. I stuck to Johns nutrition plan and I reached both my goals by qualifying for World Champs at the Ironman 70.3 Durban in a time of 04:35 (5th position) and running a silver medal at the Comrades Marathon the following weekend in 07:03 after only 6 days of recovery. Johns Nutrition had done the job as many people had told me that I would be walking the last 20km of the Comrades Marathon.

Ironman 5150 Bela Bela- August 2018

I got a podium 2nd place 

Time: 02:11

Ironman 70.3 World Champs Port Elizabeth- September 2018

Again I reached my goals and got a PB at the World Champs.

Swim: 0:28 minutes (1.8km) Bike: 2:28 (90km) Run: 01:16 (21.1km) Total Time: 04:18


Kaapsehoop Marathon- November 2018

Shortly after World Champs I ran a 2.41 at Kaapsehoop.


Achievement 2019


Buffs EL Marathon- March 2019

I achieved another goal by doing the Buffs Marathon in East London to qualify for the Comrades Marathon in a time of 02:36.


One of Johns secretes to his success in his athletes is his range of Supplements. He has the purest whey protein (low fat & low carb) on the market, which he builds into his nutrition plan for you. This helps his athletes recovery and build lean muscle mass whilst on his training program. It is only part of the plan as you get most of your nutrition from the food he tells you to eat. John also has a wide range of other supplements that can help you reach your goals. As well as his race nutrition products, which is a really important aspect of John’s coaching.

Comrades 2019 silwer Helena Joubert.JPG


I met Coach John Hamlett at a social training camp in Dullstroom end of last year (2018) and started with his New Lifestyle nutrition and training program December 2018. I knew his training program would be tough, but I was determined to stick to it as I was sure that the results would come.


I was however not so optimistic about the nutrition plan as I was never a big fan of diets, but John’s nutrition plan is in his own words a “lifestyle change” and not a diet!  The results were impressive – I had never been overweight or struggling with my weight, however I did lose a few kilo’s but what I couldn’t believe was how my body composition has changed – the fat under my skin, especially around the waist, literally disappeared. 

For me, the switch to high protein/low fat was easy, once you know the products on the shelves that fit the requirements, shopping is just as easy as in the past.  John’s New Lifestyle is easy to follow, no starvation involved, results guaranteed!


I use the PPC bars during long training runs and the Protein shakes as per the nutrition plan and during long runs.  The PPC bars are all a runner could hope for – one small, compact, good tasting energy boost to take you all the way! I ran 6km for training before a marathon and then did the marathon (so 48km in total) on 3 PPC bars only as they had only water and Coke at the waterpoints.  I wouldn’t recommend it but the PPC bars was a life saver and it was able to sustain me!


I ran Comrades 2019 on Protein shakes, Pre-performance fuel, PPC bars and rye bread.  After following John’s nutrition and training program for only 6 months, my Comrades up-run time improved from 8h40 in 2017 to 7h22 this year, despite being off from training for 4 weeks during March and April because of a foot injury.  Thank you, Coach!!

Keri Vorster Before and After Pix.jpg


I am a 4 3-year-old mother and athlete wanting to improve my times and keep the body fit and healthy. 

My 10 year running goals were about to end, as I had completed my 10th and last Comrades Marathon in June 2019.  I had decided to retire my long-distance running shoes.  I did not have a running goal, and so my lifestyle became unhealthy and I ran whenever the energy levels allowed, which was very seldom. 

In August 2019 I decided I needed to reignite my passion for running and start becoming fit and healthy, which I realise now I never was before, even when running Comrades for all those years.

I joined John in August 2019 to coach me to run faster and with the help of his wife Pat, my eating was to become clean and nutritious. 

I started at 60 kilograms (my heaviest since my pregnancy with my now 20-year-old son) and a goal to run a PB 21km and Marathon, as well as a PB Two Oceans in 2020.   

Nutrition was Johns first focus for me, so the first month I just ate what John and Pat told me to, and ran as John put it "for fun and do whatever I could for that day, but make sure I did run every day with one rest day."  No structure, but get rid of the sugar cravings, which after 5 weeks were gone.  I have been a sweet toothed person my whole life, eating at least 1 chocolate a day.

I started structured training in September 2019, with quality sessions like fartlek’s, hill repeats, track work and 1 rest day ... that to me is also quality 😉.    My running groups were commenting that I was doing too much speed and my long runs were too far.  They were saying I was going to get injured or burn out. I proved them all wrong. 

I ran Jacaranda 21km in October 2019 and came second in my age group. I never expected to have a good run at all, the race strategy was to start out slow and finish fast.  I did it.  Still not a PB but this is work in progress. The goal for that race was a strong fast run and I nailed it.

In December I also was invited to attend one of John and Pat's training camps. Elite athletes like Gift Kelehe and Louis Snygans were attending. My words to Pat was "I will be the slowest athlete there" but she encouraged me to attend.  I cannot express my gratitude to Pat for her advice.  I attended the weekend and all I can say is WOW.  My inspiration motivation and love for running returned.  The elite athletes all gave me advise on where I can improve and tips that help them in races.  The running scenery was magnificent.  Quiet roads (besides Coach zooming between groups and shouting encouragement at runners) lush green valleys and great company.  More so my love for running instilled again. 

Another goal I gave John in August 2019 was to be healthy and lean for my wedding day in February 2020.  Started at 60kgs and before my wedding I was 52kgs.  Weight goal achieved. 

Thank you, John, for your hands-on approach to my training.  Meeting me every 2 weeks to weigh in, and track cravings and access how the load in training schedule was suiting my normal corporate career and motherhood life beyond running.

Pat thank you for the nutritional advise and showing my healthier alternatives that suits me and the family.

Johns New Lifestyle is one I will set my health and fitness foundations on for good.



I started with John lifestyle and coaching 2 half years back. I weigh in at 87kg at start and managed hardly 6.2 min P/KM pace. After some time on the program I am humble to say I am 66Kg in weight and my best 10Km race is 36min, 32km race 2h:14 and a marathon of 2h:44 and never felt better and still improving.

I am grateful for this life changing experience not just physically but mentally assisting me to have so much more energy and drive in life.

The support of his supplementation makes all the difference including dedication and hard work.

Truly a life changing experience.



I have thrived off Johns eating plan and supplements, coming back from a stress fracture last year and moving onto his eating plan has benefited me, as I needed to have more protein in my diet and more natural foods. Diet can be a factor for a stress fracture, so it was the right timing to change things. Since I have come back, my running has gone from strength to strength and placing at several races. My favorite products are the New Nutrition Whey Protein and the glutamine powder I have both after my runs finding my body and muscles to recover very quickly. I highly recommend johns plan and products as it’s been life changing for me. I have leaned up which in turn has made me faster and stronger.



We started following John Hamlett’s New Lifestyle Nutritional Plan in July 2018. Hand in hand with the eating plan John started coaching Amanda in August 2018. Within a few months our lives have changed substantially. We started to feel stronger on our training runs and we both experienced a change in our bodies by losing weight from losing fat and gaining muscle weight and strength. John’s special protein supplements make all the difference and Amanda improved her up-run time with 49 minutes at Comrades 2019 and finished very strong over the last few kilometres as first Veteran Lady and fourth lady overall of our running club. Andries trains with Amanda and they run every Comrades together and he ran Comrades 2019 experiencing no cramping towards the end as he would normally have experienced. We firmly believe that John’s specially developed lifestyle eating plan helped Amanda to overcome serious injuries to have been able to complete her training for Comrades. We are very excited for what lies ahead for us, because we have learnt when coach John tells you any route is ‘fast and flat’ you just put your mind to it and run it as if it is ‘fast and flat’.

Tarren Peverelle.jpeg


My name is Tarren, and for as long as I can remember I have struggled with my weight. I tried everything and was starting to give up hope. 

I then learnt about John's New Lifestyle change through my mom.

I will admit I was a bit hesitant at first and it definitely was not an easy road, but it has changed my life. I have never felt better and to see such brilliant results made me work even harder.

I went from 95Kg down to 65Kg over 2-3 years.

Thank you to John and his lifestyle change for giving me my confidence back.

Ann 16.JPG.jpg


I started following John’s Lifestyle eating plan in September 2016.  Within the first month, I quickly lost any extra weight I was carrying and soon thereafter started to build lean muscle.  Within three months I was able to stop taking chronic medication for gastric reflux, my asthma had cleared up and I felt amazing. 

I have followed the Lifestyle eating plan for almost three years now and cannot imagine going back to my old eating habits.  The high protein and balanced carb approach has helped me to avoid stress fractures and serious injury, despite following a very high mileage training program.  I have absolutely no doubt that one of the key components to peak athletic performance is healthy eating.  John’s Lifestyle and the New Nutrition range of products which form part of that eating plan were, and are, critical to my performance as an elite athlete.

Sherene Lahoud.jpeg


When one individual has the ability to change your world that’s when the magic happens. Col. Coach John Hamlett is not only  a Coach but a pillar of power, determination, courage, resilience and the true definition of someone who only wants the very best for his athletes.

In August 2018 I started John’s New Lifestyle Journey and was so lucky to have been welcomed with open arms and to be coached by him (low key dream coming true!). There I was, 26 years old, not believing that I was speaking, in person, to the Coach of dreams! And dreams really do come true with Coach by your side. In September 2018 I completed my first training camp and I saw the light on those Dullstroom hills but it was totally worth it. This prepared me for what the rest of the year and new year was going to bring for me.

John has changed my life for the better. I am stronger, more determined and have a fire in my soul to want to achieve my very best. I always share with John that I have so much to still learn and so far, to still go and I know that I really am still a ‘spring chicken’. However, this is the most exciting part ; to know that you are a part of a bigger picture, to know that you can reach your goals.

My greatest highlight is how I have been able to get stronger, leaner, athletically faster and tougher in the short space of time I have been with John. Under the guidance of John in just over 3.5 months I raced a half marathon crushing my PB and placed top 10 in my age and gender category.  If that was not putting me on a runner’s high, the new year started with a bang where I broke my 10Km and 15KM PB. I managed to take off a full 40 minutes from my Two Oceans Ultra Marathon time in 2018 making my PB this year and improving on my half and full marathon times. However, I am not done yet and I am determined to keep on working hard to progress even more.

Six months into the Journey I arrived in Dullstroom for another training camp – a completely different individual now. It was at this Camp that I realized what and where I want to be and what my next set of goals were for the future. John has always been a man of realism which I respect and admire. Every time I have shared my goal with John he has helped me to realistically understand how it can be achieved – this is a skill and technique not many are able to accomplish, and Coach has never been wrong. During the 11 months I have now been with John I have encountered injuries and upsetting moments, but John has not once forgotten about me and always helped me to maintain the motivation through it all. Apart from the training John has introduced me to the best products I have used to date. Training on Protein and having the right nutritional plan on race day has only enabled me to be a better , stronger and more focused runner. My energy levels are well maintained through my working day and I feel full of energy when its time to train and get in my training sessions.  

A special mention must go to Pat Hamlett who so graciously puts up with my million and one questions but also exudes kindness which I so appreciate. Being part of John’s Coaching family has helped me to understand and learn humility and what it really takes to be better – pushing your mind, body and limits and realizing that goals can be achieved.

My favorite one liner that John has shared with me is; ‘Monkey see; monkey do’ and that is exactly what I have been doing these past 11 months and let me tell you, you ‘win’ every time you do as you are told 😊

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for giving me the ability to dream big. I admire you and all that you have achieved. You are an icon in the athletics world- I am so blessed to be under your guidance.

Not only am I happier but I am stronger mentally and emotionally to tackle life.

I am so excited for what is still to come and can’t wait to keep on learning, pushing my limits and crushing goals with you by my side ALL THE WAY!

John Hamlett

Fitness & Nutritionist Specialist

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