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Keri Vorster - Another success story

Hard work, dedication, consistency and discipline helped her weighing from 60kg to 52kg - Well done Keri

I am a 4 3-year-old mother and athlete wanting to improve my times and keep the body fit and healthy.

My 10 year running goals were about to end, as I had completed my 10th and last Comrades Marathon in June 2019. I had decided to retire my long-distance running shoes. I did not have a running goal, and so my lifestyle became unhealthy and I ran whenever the energy levels allowed, which was very seldom.

In August 2019 I decided I needed to reignite my passion for running and start becoming fit and healthy, which I realize now I never was before, even when running Comrades for all those years.

I joined John in August 2019 to coach me to run faster and with the help of his wife Pat, my eating was to become clean and nutritious.

I started at 60 kilograms (my heaviest since my pregnancy with my now 20-year-old son) and a goal to run a PB 21km and Marathon, as well as a PB Two Oceans in 2020.

Nutrition was Johns first focus for me, so the first month I just ate what John and Pat told me to, and ran as John put it "for fun and do whatever I could for that day, but make sure I did run every day with one rest day." No structure, but get rid of the sugar cravings, which after 5 weeks were gone. I have been a sweet toothed person my whole life, eating at least 1 chocolate a day.

I started structured training in September 2019, with quality sessions like fartlek’s, hill repeats, track work and 1 rest day ... that to me is also quality 😉. My running groups were commenting that I was doing too much speed and my long runs were too far. They were saying I was going to get injured or burn out. I proved them all wrong.

I ran Jacaranda 21km in October 2019 and came second in my age group. I never expected to have a good run at all, the race strategy was to start out slow and finish fast. I did it. Still not a PB but this is work in progress. The goal for that race was a strong fast run and I nailed it.

In December I also was invited to attend one of John and Pat's training camps. Elite athletes like Gift Kelehe and Louis Snygans were attending. My words to Pat was "I will be the slowest athlete there" but she encouraged me to attend. I cannot express my gratitude to Pat for her advice. I attended the weekend and all I can say is WOW. My inspiration motivation and love for running returned. The elite athletes all gave me advise on where I can improve and tips that help them in races. The running scenery was magnificent. Quiet roads (besides Coach zooming between groups and shouting encouragement at runners) lush green valleys and great company. More so my love for running instilled again.

Another goal I gave John in August 2019 was to be healthy and lean for my wedding day in February 2020. Started at 60kgs and before my wedding I was 52kgs. Weight goal achieved.

Thank you, John, for your hands-on approach to my training. Meeting me every 2 weeks to weigh in, and track cravings and access how the load in training schedule was suiting my normal corporate career and motherhood life beyond running.

Pat thank you for the nutritional advise and showing my healthier alternatives that suits me and the family.

Johns New Lifestyle is one I will set my health and fitness foundations on for good.

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Keri Swift
Keri Swift
27. Mai 2020

Carmen you initiated my inspiration. Your story is phenomenal. Keep going 💪 friend

Gefällt mir

Carmen Snygans
Carmen Snygans
27. Mai 2020

Well done Kerry you inspire me

Gefällt mir

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