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Here is a rusk recipe for those who love a snack with a nice cup of tea or coffee for those cold winter days.

Buy the Eureka Mills Buttermilk Rusks Easy Homemade Mix

I have bought it at Checkers and also Fruit and Veg I have not seen at at Spar or PicknPay.

Here is how you make it Lifestyle friendly:

2 jumbo egg whites

180g applesauce instead of butter

255g water

Follow the recipe as per the packet.

To make it protein rusks (if you want) you can add 100g of Vanilla protein shake to the dry mix. Note: the dough will be very sticky with the protein shake in it.

You can then dry as normal as per the packet.

The rusks with protein shake in it might come out very hard but that is because of the protein isolate is in it, it is still nice to dunk it in a cup of tea/coffee.

I would suggest only having 4 rusks (if your rusk is about 40g) which will give you 1 full carb and 1 full protein serving.

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