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Festive & Holiday Season

Our office will be closed from the 8th of December 2019 until the 6th of January 2020, if you wish to order protein or any other product please arrange before-hand. We will have the protein special (get 6 proteins for R 3 000.00) available until the 30th of November.

Please also book your appointment now for January as John's diary is getting fuller and fuller by the day.

Please read below this will help you through this holiday season to make good lifestyle choices where possible.

How can I eat better at a Year End Function, Christmas Party or New Year’s Party?

We would like to share some tips and advice with you as we move into a well deserve break away from work, holiday with friends and family and ready for a season of delicious foods and overindulgence through parties, Christmas and the New Year.

Regardless of how clean and healthy you now eat, it’s beneficial to have a plan of attack in these occasions of celebration and food excess. Based on what we know about our typical South African eating habits, here are a few festive season survival tips and advice of making the best of the worse choices for eating clean.

“Drinking” Carbs:

- Alcohol as you all know is a carb and here is the list to refresh your memory:


Remember to swop your lunch time carb and your dinner carb to use for drinks if you know you are going to go out for dinner or visa versa.

One Carb serving =

  • 3 x Savannah Lights or

  • 1 x Savannah Dry or

  • 4 x Castle Lights or

  • 1 x Castle or

  • 1 x Regular Glass Champagne or

  • 2 x Regular Glass Dry Champagne or

  • 2 x Regular Glasses Dry White Wine or

  • 2 x Regular Glasses Dry Red Wine or

  • 3 x Regular Glasses Drostdy Hof Light White Wine or

  • 2 x Light Whisky or

  • 1 x Dark Whisky or

  • 1 x Gin or

  • 1 x Vodka

Two Carb serving =

  • 1 Shooter

Try setting yourself an alcohol limit before arriving at a party or social function (emphasis on the try). A good strategy is to alternate alcohol with water, soda water or sugar free drinks.

Do NOT arrive hungry:

  • Do not arrive hungry to a function, the temptation to eat lots of the wrong food will be hard to resist.

  • Best option is to eat a clean meal or drink a shake before-hand.

  • If you are eating at the party, look for lean protein-based choices, such as meat balls, prawns, lean meat skewers, sushi, cold meat and avoid fried and pastry-based nibbles.

  • Keep away from the saucy foods and dips, they tend to have lots of cream and oil in the sauces.

Tip for eating a Buffet:

  • At a Buffet we tend to eat more than usually so try the following:

  • Always choose your protein first – select 5 different proteins and eat only 3.

  • Go back and choose 3 carbs – and eat only 1.

Function at a Restaurant:

  • Best choices at a restaurant are Fillet, Sirloin, half Chicken, Chicken Breasts, 2 hand size Fish or big size Salmon.

  • Order salad or vegetables as a side dish, no butter, no olive oil, no salad dressing.

  • When eating at a Sushi restaurant try to eat more Sashimi than rolls with rice, order Sushi without avo and mayo.

  • Pizza at the function, order extra meat without cheese – you will be surprise that pizza can still taste good without cheese.

  • If pasta is on the menu, chose a dish that has got more protein than pasta in it, ask for pasta without creamy sauce or olive oil.

  • Burgers are often a good source of protein, and you could just eat one half of the bun if it’s a large serving size.

  • Stay away from deep fried chips, wedges, battered or crumbed fish or calamari, and schnitzels. Try not eat any curry foods as it will be too high in fat.

Our South African braai:

  • Boerewors, T-bone, lamb chops are high in fat and should rather be avoided, rather have extra lean hamburger patties or lean meat or chicken skewers or fillet or sirloin.


  • Be aware of the snacks you are nibbling on between meals, it is easy to lose track especially when you are indulging in alcohol and good conversation, rather snack on protein (biltong, chicken balls, mince balls, etc.).


For the 3rd and 4th Phasers: (remember only once a week and for those lucky once twice a week).

Tip: Try to always have a meal as a treat, but if it is something you have been wanting since you have been on the Lifestyle have that as a treat, for example:

REMEMBER THE RULE HERE IS: If your treat is not a meal you must have it with a protein.

  • Ice cream – have an ice cream

  • Cake - 2 hands in rectangular form, height and width thumbs overlapping

  • Chocolate – four fingers

  • Butter / Mayo / Avo – 2 fingers

  • Movie Popcorn – Small size

  • Pizza – two hands

  • 4 Wine gum rolls / medium size Jelly tots / medium size Jelly babies

Meals: (try to have it without any oil / fat)

  • Lamb shank

  • Eisbein

  • Oxtail

Keep it simple, do not overthink your choices and enjoy the festive season with your family and friends.

Above all drive and travel safe.

Have a wonderful Festive Season


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