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Muffin Mixes

Dry Mix & Wet Mix available




Chocolate Mint

R 150.00 dry mix

R 185.00 wet mix

Makes 12 muffins - can have 2 for breakfast ONLY

= 1P + 1 Carb

When you are in phase 2 you can start adding fruit to the muffin mixes.

Especially Bran and Vanilla. Here is some variations that you could make. We can however supply the below with the mixes for you and the price will vary depending on the fruit you ordering.

Bran & Raisins

Bran & Apple

Vanilla & Apple

Vanilla & Cherries

Vanilla & Blueberries

Vanilla & Mixed Berries

Chocolate & Cherries

Please place your order with Pat - send her an email or whatsup with your order.

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The New Lifestyle Manual R 220.00
The New Lifestyle Cook Book R 260.00

John Hamlett

Fitness & Nutritionist Specialist

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