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New Lifestyle is a whole “New” way of looking at food and what we really put into our mouths. It is a little tuned to the South-African / Malawian / Zimbabwean and Mozambique environments, especially with reference to food, ingredient supply and availability. However will be adapted as time and need dictates.

Whenever you sit down and decide to write a book/recipe book you find yourself asking a few questions which usually give the necessary direction to your writing. That certainly was the case with this project, driving us deeper into exploring all possibilities within the function of lifestyle cooking and it sure was fun finding out that it is possible to prepare food which will finally taste good and do good to our Lifestylers or the readers that prefer food the healthier way - so please enjoy.

With this recipe book the primary goal was, first design a recipe book that would help all people eat smarter, second make it easier to make better decisions when preparing meals, eating out, planning weekly meals and evenwhile packing good lunch boxes for children, this I think we successfully accomplished within the pages of this recipe book.

With reference to the recipes and preparation of this book, I need to thank all who contributed to the final product and will certainly indicate the names and contributors for reference and other reasons which include thanking all who made it possible. A special thanks must go to Pat for all the setting up and cooking which I gladly tasted, and enjoyed often while checking each product within these pages.

The secondary goal or objective sought in writing this book was to complement “The NEW Lifestyle" method of eating and add a simplistic “easy to reference” package that includes some helpful add-ons, recipes and useful hints and tips, which again can assist "Lifestylers" in their walk to healthier better eating habits, when combining “The NEW Lifestyle Manual” to “The NEW Lifestyle Cook Book".

That said, I hope that all who attempt this lifestyle walk succeed and live healthier fitter energized lives which I personally know is certainly a blessing we all can do with, need and deserve.

Please prepare, eat and enjoy

Yours in The N.E.W. Lifestyle

John E. Hamlett (Col)

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