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Fat Camp

Dullstroom Farm

Coming in 2019

Venue: Dullstroom Farm (Directions will be given upon confirmation of registration)


Hosted by the founder of John’s New Lifestyle & Fitness & Nutrition Lifestyle Coach: John E Hamlett 


What you can expect at John’s New Lifestyle Fat Camp:



  • You will be taught how to:

    • cook without oils

    • read a label of a product correctly

    • cook a 3 course meal

    • change a recipe – tips & tricks

    • plan your meals ahead

    • change your mind-set by keeping to the basics but not making the food bland


  • You will diarise all that you eat during your stay at the farm


  • A detailed study into phase 3 - “mind games” phase

    • How to handle your cravings

    • Motivation

    • Support



Very light exercises which will include, short distance running, hiking, walking, fun and games! We make use of the outdoor environment and every day is different.


What do I need to bring?

  • Good quality training shoes (running shoes or cross trainers), warm comfortable clothes, track suite (comfortable pants to work out in) or tights or shorts, running/hiking kit. Dullstroom’s weather is full of surprises, you can experience 4 seasons in one day.

  • Toiletries

  • Hat

  • Gloves (cold weather)

  • Jackets (cold weather)

  • Swim suite (hot weather)

  • The ingredients that you will need for the 2 meals that you will be making at the farm

  • Notebook & Pen

  • Most important your sense of adventure and the willingness to learn and change your lifestyle!



R 850.00 per person for the whole weekend + you will have to make 2 dishes. You can choose from Breakfast & Snack or Lunch & Snack or Dinner & Snack or Breakfast & Dinner or Breakfast & Lunch etc. Dinner must consist of a 3 course meal, appetiser, main meal and dessert.


What you can expect at John’s New Lifestyle Fat Camp:

·         Meet new people and making friends!

·         Learn about nutrition

·         How to make New Lifestyle meals

·         How to improvise on recipes (tips and treats)

·         Self-confidence and improved energy

·         Relaxation and reduced stress

·         Motivation, encouragement, support, fun

·         Fun and adventure


These weekends will strictly be on a first come first served basis.


Send registration forms and direct enquiries to:

Ms. Pat Hamlett

Tel: 082 782 0558

Email: patdhamlett@gmail.com



John Hamlett

Nutritionist Advisor

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