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If there is ever a time to be healthy it is now.
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Whatever you are not CHANGING you are CHOOSING! Anyone can have a great body. Choose Yours!
As you embark on your journey through Johns New Lifestyle Programme to the right nutrition, you will receive the tools to help you find the body you truly want, whether it is muscular, lean and toned, sexy, romantically round or just plain healthy.

This is a journey of a bran new way of living, a life changing lifestyle!

John's New Lifestyle Programme:

This programme consists of four phases. These phases will move into the difference between lifestyle and diet, and much, much more. Later in the phases there will be global references addressing cravings, why training / exercise is less effective initially and becomes of more importance later.

Meet John Hamlett

The Founder and Designer of John's New Lifestyle


Chairman of the HOT Athletics Club Elite Athletes


John E Hamlett is a seasoned professional athlete, having completed more than 70 marathons and has for the past 35 years used his professional experience to coach athletes to improve their performance. His personal successes include completing the 800m sprint in 1minute 48 seconds and having won the prestigious “Jock of the Bushveld” challenge, besting the record with 7 minutes as well as winning the East London based, Buffalo Marathon......




Skype / Zoom

We can now book FaceTime or Skype appointments - go to price list to see what we offer!!!

Now is the time to be healthy!

John Hamlett

Fitness & Nutritionist Specialist

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